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Claims (eng.)


Learn how to file a loss or injury claim against carrier. Send a written notice of damage or loss to the carrier within the specified time In case of visible damage, a loss notification must be made immediately upon delivery of the goods.

In practice, this is done by making a note about damage to the consignment note. This note must also be made on the carrier’s copy of the consignment note.

Always send a separate written notice of loss or damage (a provisional claim) to the carrier even if a note has been made on the consignment note mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The message shall contain the following information:

  • Heading: “Notification of loss or damage”
  • Means of transport/transport route and B/L, consignment note number
  • Information about the type of injury or loss
  • Date and signature
  • Net wight of damaged goods
  • The claim for loss or damage, ie the preliminary claim should always contain the following paragraph:
    “We make reservations that we and / or our insurance company will return with a specific requirement later.

The extent of the damage must be substantiated by the owner. A claim for compensation must always be substantiated by providing a trade invoice showing the value of the goods when the transport started and the delivery terms that apply between the seller and the buyer of the goods. We also need to get documentation incl. images showing the extent of the damage, i.e. how much of the goods is damaged and to what degree. Damage cost can also be a repair calculation if repair is possible.

Time limits for advertising against carrier:
Road transport

  • Visible damage at once upon receipt of goods
  • Hidden damage within 7 days of receipt of goods


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