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Environmental Work

Environmental Work ISO-14001
Environmental Policy – We will offer and implement transportation with minimal environmental impact.
Roger Eriksson’s Transport & Spedition AB (Retsab) works with ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems.
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3 basic commitments:
  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Legislative compliance
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management

These commitments will help to drive improvements in all environmental work.

Environmental Certification ISO 14001
Environmental Certification ISO 14001

ISO 14001 can be used as a tool. It focuses on controlling your environmental aspects or the way that your activities, products and services interact with the environment, eg emissions to air, soil or water. The organization must describe what they intend to do, stick with their routines and document their efforts to demonstrate compliance and improvement. The organization will set goals and implement programs to improve environmental performance, which often results in financial benefit.

Environmental Policy

Roger Eriksson’s Transport & Spedition AB (Retsab) will offer and implement transportation with minimal environmental impact.

This means:

  • To continuously monitor our environmental activities to create continuous improvement
  • To comply with legislation
  • To comply with other relevant requirements placed on the company
  • Keeping the high knowledge and awareness of the company
  • To encourage our suppliers in environmental work
  • Conducting our operations so that negative environmental impacts are limited, so far as practicable and economically viable
  • Keeping policy and operations manual available for those who wish to view our activities

We must constantly examine our environmental work and evaluate policy and objectives to minimize impact and maximize effect.